Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Knock-off Review: "Wing Gundam Ver. Tagaytay" Review

Hey, it's a Black Wing Gundam! That looks aweso... *gasp* (Cannot unsee!)
As we were walking around the stores in People's Park in the the Sky in Tagaytay City two weeks ago, I happen to stumble upon this not-so-rare gem. In the Philippines, this is already a common sight. But, really, this was just SO ridiculous that I just had to buy it! (Also because it was based on one of my favorite Gundams..)

So, here's a cheap toy I bought from Tagaytay: the "Cosmic Warrior", or, as I'd like to call it, "Wing Gundam Ver. Tagaytay"! It's like the "Ver. KA" that you've always never wanted!

The "Gundam" is packed similarly to all the other cheap toys available here in the Philippines which are mostly China-made. I'm not saying that China toys are cheap. After all, almost everything we use probably are manufactured in China, which means there's bound to be crap out there in the sea of imported products. Most cheap or fake products that I see here in our market are mostly China-made. I'm guilty of buying some of them, since fake and cheap doesn't necessarily equal to crap and useless things. In fact, some of them are actually useful and, for the affordable price, is practical. But, we're not here to talk about that, we're here to talk about the Black Gundam Wing thingamajig! LOL.

"Cosmic FIghting: Deform Series - The Best Welcome Gifts For The Children - The Space War" ...why doesn't it sound impressive?
It's (apparently) from the "Cosmic Fighting: Deform Series". Well, it does seem to be fighting in a cosmic world in the 9th dimension, and it is very deformed, so... Accurate? It's also subtitled as "The Best Welcome Gifts For The Children", which was also subtitled as "The Space War". LOL. Sometimes, just reading the typos and mistranslations off of these things already make it worthwhile to pick up. I have to give this particular one some credit since it doesn't have much "Engrish". (I'm not going to delve much on this one, though, since I'm not that good in speaking and writing English myself. Hello Pot, my name is Kettle.)

Maybe you should've put it's name where we can see it clearly?!
It has 2 accessories. A sword, and a rifle hidden between its legs. *sigh*
Printed here on the  side is it's supposed name: "Cosmic Warrior". Generic and typical. In fact, most of these Chinese knock-offs are labeled like this, so nothing new there. Only children from ages 3 and up can play with this particular toy. Although I have to admit that if I did receive something like this back when I was still a kid, I'd be playing with it for a while. LOL. Although most kids these days would much prefer to be given an iPad or iPhone or one of 'em Androidz... Those whippersnappers! (Hello Pot, I'm Kettle. Déjà vu.)

It's packaged similarly to every typical Chinese knock-off out there.
Hey, look. Pictures that have nothing to do with the actual product.
Well, at least they've included 2 pictures of Wing Gundam Zero Custom here.
"Future Systerm"... Is that what they call a semester in the Gundam Academy? High-five! guys never laugh at my jokes.
Let's check the back of the packaging, since there's really nothing else to look at. Look at all the robots and Gundams! Again, another trait common in cheap Chinese knock-offs. Search the net for random pictures off of Google using "Gundam" as the keyword or go to DeviantArt. There are 3 pictures related to Gundam Wing here (that's 3 out of 8), but the largest picture among them is from ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam in Gundam SEED. That's about it. No other information. Huh.

Rip it open!!

Rip, rip, rip, let it rip! (Let it rip? LOL.)
Wow. That was underwhelming.
Oh, the wings fell off. Why am I not surprised.
Well, as expected, it is ridiculous and cheap. It's a heavily modified Wing Gundam ver. KA. Hmmm.. Let's look at it in detail.

It's gigantic!
Here are the 2 weapons/accessories: The strange-looking Buster Rifle and the "Buster Sword", if I may call it that.
Wow... It even looks more ridiculous up close. What's with all the "Sharingan" tattoos? LOL.
This... is not a Gundam.
This is Uchiha Sasuke's Gundam and has been bestowed upon the powers of the "Sharingan". Who knows? This might be Susano-o's True Final Perfect Ultimate Eternal Form... Nah.
Just in case you forget that this robot is "Super", there are texts printed to remind you and your opponent. "Oh my gosh, this guy's a "Super" robot, better not mess with him." Also, is it just me or is that "Go" text there  reminding anyone of "Retsu & Go"?
"Yay!" pose... The arms can only rotate like this from the shoulder points. Who would've guessed that this thing will practically have no articulation whatsoever?
The legs can only be tilted sideways. Yeah. Sideways. Why sideways? Why?
The wings are connected to a peg hole at the back and, whaddaya know, the wings' back are hollow.
Hey, nobody's going to check the back side so why bother putting decals on there? I mean, nobody even looks at the front side. LOL.
Equipped with his 2 "Cosmic Weapons", he is ready for the battle that he will never win! ...Yay?

For the sake of comparison, here's my 1:144 Scale No Grade Wing Gundam. It's extremely tiny when compared to this monstrosity.

It's gigantic! (I said that already, I know. I mean, especially when compared to this 1:144 Scale Wing Gundam.) Oh, yeah, that's just my new "White Wallpaper" setup there, just ignore it. It's just that I don't like the paint color of my wall, so I slapped a big white paper on there to make it look... plain.
Showdown! "I don't know how strong your Buster Rifle is, but mine can destroy Mobile Suits even if it's ten feet away from the shot."
"This thing is huge! Quick, Pikachu! Use THUNDERBOLT!"
This is my very first "diorama", if you may call it that. I call it "Authentics Beat Fakes." and rightfully so. I will continue to buy authentic Bandai Gundam Model Kits! Yay! ...I just noticed how unfair it was to name this thing based from Tagaytay City. But, after my visit to the Palace in the Sky, I think it's only appropriate. (Seriously, Tagaytay, go fix that. I looks awful. Just... awful.)

"Cosmic Warrior fainted."

Well, that should do it for this very informal review of mine. I'll see you guys in the next post!

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