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G Generation-0 Super Deformed No. 18: RGM-79N GM Custom Review (Unofficial)

As I was looking for the 'successor' to my beloved SD Jegan, I found this.
A few months (I think) afterwards, after our vacation in Hongkong, I looked for toys similar to my beloved SD Jegan. I'm not really sure where I found this kit, but I still remember why I bought this particular Mobile Suit. Yup, it's because it almost looks exactly like my beloved SD Jegan. Actually, since I don't know SD Jegan's name back then (because it's written in Japanese, and I can't read it), I thought that this particular kit IS Jegan. Well, actually, it's vice-versa since I can read this kit's name. "Oh, so it's called GM Custom!" was probably my reaction when I first saw this kit. I bought it because I wanted to know how it differs from the one that I own. Seriously, I thought it only had a different box because it was a re-release or something.

Since this is a very old Gunpla of mine, I'll label it as an "unofficial" review.

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Alright, since I've already opened this Gunpla, let's just do a little "Fake Unboxing". First, let's take a look at the box.

Front Cover
The Front Cover gives you all the basic details about the Gunpla Kit. The upper part has the Model Number (RGM-29N) and the Code Name (GM Custom) of the Mobile Suit. You also see its number in this Gunpla series (No. 18) and how the Mobile Suit's name is written in Katakana. In the middle of the cover is a computer-generated image of SD GM Custom.

SD Gundam G Generation-0 logo. Made in 1999.
In the lower part of the the Front Cover, there's a big logo of the "SD Gundam G Generation-0" where this Gunpla Model Kit is based from. SD Gundam G Generation-0 is a PlayStation X title that was released in 1999, by the way. And checking the lower left part of the Front Cover (written in small text), we can see that the kit was released around the same time as well. Yup, this Gunpla is 13 years old.

Left Side Cover
No.17 & 19 from the G Generation-0 SD Gundam line and, most probably, a summary of the PSX game.
Looks like the kit costs ¥400 in Japan. At least, back in 1999.
You can see sample pictures of other Mobile Suits available in this Gunpla line printed on the left side of the box.

Right Side Cover
Sample pictures of a painted GM Custom.
Front view.. Rear View.. Weapons.. What is that? Interesting..
On the right side, there are sample pictures of the actual SD Gundam Model Kit. The picture to the very right side was what piqued my interest when I was buying this kit back then. "Why is there a picture of a completely different robot in here? How does that work? Am I getting another robot as a bonus? That would be cool." Well, we'll take a closer look at that later in the actual review.

Bottom Side. The Top Side looks exactly like this, as well.
The Top & Bottom Covers have similar prints, so nothing new there.

This kit comes in a standard Gunpla box, unlike the first 2 kits that I've reviewed. You can read them here, if you haven't yet:

Entry Grade GN-001 Gundam Exia Unboxing & Review
Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam Unboxing & Review
You can open the kit by sliding up the top part of the box, the one with "Glossy" cardboard paper. The runners are stored in the bottom part of the box which is usually just a normal cardboard.

Prints inside the box.
Special plates? I wonder what that is..
Some pictures of BB Senshi SD Gunpla.
"Gundam 777"? Is this some sort of survey? I wish I can read it..
The inside of the bottom part of the box have prints in them. I can't read them, unfortunately. Here are some sample pictures just in case you're interested in that, for some reason.

Constructional Manual Front
Constructional Manual Back
Constructional Manual Runner Count
Constructional Manual Page 1
Constructional Manual Page 2
Constructional Manual Page 3
Contents of the kit include the Runners, the Construction Manual to guide you with the assembly, and the seals to jazz up your SD Gundam Kit.

Since I've already assembled this kit, I can't show pictures of the runners. So, let's go straight into the review.


I didn't like this kit that much. Especially, when you I realized that it is NOT a Jegan. Alright, let's take a look at some sample photos here.

RGM-79N GM Custom, after assembly.
Closer look at GM Custom's front view.
Looking at the back of the Gunpla and.. Woah!
Pegs are available on both arms, where you can attach GM Custom's Shield.
You get 3 accessories for GM Custom. A Beam Rifle, a Beam Saber and a Shield.

SD GM Custom's Beam Rifle.
SD GM Custom's Shield.
Now, going back. Do you remember that picture of a different Mobile Suit on the box earlier? I searched it online, since I'm not familiar with the Gundam's name. Apparently, it's called "Gundam 'Alex'", model number: RX-78NT-1. And, no, you don't get a bonus Gundam model inside. The kit comes with a different set of arms and another head, and you need to switch it with these to build Gundam 'Alex'. Actually, I was kinda expecting this back then.. And, man, how disappointed I was when I confirmed it with my own eyes.

First, remove the arms and the head...
Then replace it with Gundam Alex's.
Front View of RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex".
Rear view of arms and its head.
Closer look at Gundam Alex's arm. Only the left arm has a peg for the shield.
On the plus side, Gundam "Alex" has a lot of accessories. More than GM Custom, actually. I was surprised because it was not shown in the box, and was confused that they gave so many accessories to what I think is an 'extra' feature. On the minus side, the accessories doesn't have good quality.

Gundam "Alex" comes with this cool & gimmicky "Beam Rifle"! It looks more like a Missile Launcher. Those 4 missile-looking things? That's ammo. Yup, this bad boy is spring-loaded!
Unfortunately, I thought I can use it on SD GM Custom's arm.. I forced it in, and the peg broke. I'll find some super glue for it.
Gundam "Alex" also comes with its own Shield. I'll let him use GM Custom's Beam Saber while I find that super glue.
Closer look at Gundam Alex's Shield.
There are MORE accessories. It comes with its "Full Armor" mode, too. Like I said, this would've been nice if it has better quality.

Gundam Alex's "Full Armor" parts.
Front View of Full Armor Gundam 'Alex'.
Tilted slightly to the right.
Full Armor Gundam 'Alex' Side View.
Full Armor Gundam 'Alex' Rear View.
The Head Gear's sides are slightly different from one another, for some reason.

Final thoughts?..

Well, I don't really have much to say about this kit because you don't really have anything much to say about it. However, I have this to say.. I'm very disappointed about this kit. I know that it's cheap and I know it's an SD Kit. But the SD Jegan that I bought in Hongkong was slightly better than this and it was BAJILLION times cheaper. I'm not even sure if my SD Jegan was authentic. Unfortunately, I can't find my SD Jegan so I can't do a comparison. Plus, it's molded in green! (or blue-green) How does the conversion to 'Alex' work? You have to paint it for it to look like Gundam 'Alex' and if you do that, you won't be able to use it as GM Custom. *Sigh*

I also noticed that I tried to panel line the kit to make it look good. I also noticed that I stopped midway because I realized that I'm making it look worse because I suck at panel lining. You might notice some of the panel lines, although I removed most of it before making this review.

Look at all those nub marks...

Well, there's a sudden review out-of-the-blue, albeit a boring one. Huh.

I'll see you in the next post!

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