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G Generation-F Super Deformed No. 57: MAN-08 Newtype's Mobile Armor "Elmeth" Unboxing & Review

The Newtype's Mobile Armor, "Elmeth".
The Blog's content is seriously lacking for the last few days. So, to remedy this, I'm going to occasionally post some Gunpla reviews until I finish preparing for the more interesting Gunpla Model Kits that I have bought. And with that said, let's go ahead with today's Gunpla review! The "SD MAN-08 Newtype's Mobile Armor" a.k.a "Elmeth".


Front Cover
Let's take a look at the box first. Front Cover, we have the picture of the "Newtype's Mobile Armor" smack dab in the middle, looking cute in its SD form. Now, please try to remember the cover art here for me, just until we finish the review.

Right above that, you can see the unit's name and to the lower left of it, the unit's number in the G Generation-F line of SD Kits and its name written in Katakana.

Below the box cover art, there's a big "SD Gundam: G Generation-F" logo. G Generation-F is actually a PlayStation X Gundam crossover game (that I haven't had the chance to play in the past) and this line of Super Deformed Model Kits are actually based on units on that particular game. Look closer to the lower left part of the box and we'll see on what year this kit was manufactured. 2001.. It's more than 10 years old already. Wow.

Left Side Cover
Information about Elmeth's features and weaponry.
Back in 2001, this kit costed ¥400.
A few tid-bits about Elmeth's features and weaponry are printed on the left side of the box, which is strange since this part is usually where they print sample pictures of other units available in this particular Gunpla line of Model Kits.

Right Side Cover
Front & Rear View sample pictures of a painted "Newtype's Mobile Armor".
Weapons list and a demonstration of how Elmeth's "gimmick" works.
For sample pictures of the "Newtype's Mobile Armor" itself, let's flip the box over to its right side. The sample pictures printed here are from a painted SD Elmeth model. Most Model Kits have a glossy finish when assembled right out of the box and this model is probably covered with a flat topcoat.

Top Side Cover
Bottom Side Cover
Here's the Model Kit's top side cover. The bottom side is completely identical to the box's top side. That's also where the hobby store attached their price tag. ₱250! Cheap. That's because it's an SD Kit, and most probably because it's more than 10 years old.

And now that we've completely covered the box, let's go ahaed and open the kit!

Plastic bag containing Newtype's Mobile Armor's Runners.
Inside, you'll get a plastic bag, where the Model Kit's runners are packed, and the Construction Manual. Let's open the plastic bag.

Runner A1: 9 Parts
Runner A2: 9 Parts
There are only 2 sets of runners for this kit, which is not surprising. 18 parts in total. All the parts are molded in green, too.

There are only 3 pieces of seals to decorate your Elmeth model with. You can probably paint these in, instead, if you're up to the task.

Construction Manual Front
Construction Manual Back
Construction Manual Runner Count
Construction Manual Page 1
Construction Manual Page 2
Construction Manual Page 3
Here's the Construction Manual for instructions on how to build the Model Kit. I'll just post them here as well, just in case someone's interested in them. We probably won't be needing this when we assemble the Model Kit anyway, it only has a few parts and most of them are pretty straight-forward to assemble.

The box and the contents are now done. Now, it's time to assemble "Newtype's Mobile Armor"!

Seperate the parts from the runners...
Those are some big plastic parts there.
It has an inner frame for the Mega-Particle Gun.
Cutting the parts from the runners using the side cutters...

Now, for the actual assembly.

First, for the wing-like thingies..
Next, for the inner frame where the Mega-Particle Gun is attached to..
Attach the wing-thingies to the inner frame. It is then secured with the Vernier.
Now, for Elmeth's main armor..
Remember the box art cover earlier? Remember how many 'Bits" were there in the picture? Well, this is the only Bit weapon that you'll get. They could've at least included at least two..
Done! Now, it's time to take a closer look at the Newtype's Mobile Armor. And we'll do just that in the review.


Predictably, the Model Kit is pretty plain. Since this is a Model Kit based on a Mobile Armor, articulation in general is pretty much non-existent. Before we take a closer look at the kit's design and features, here are some basic profile pictures.

Front View
Rear View
Side View
Height Measurement
This is usually the part where I'll take a few pictures of the Model Kit in dynamic poses, but we'll skip that since it's futile. Ok, now let's take a closer look at SD Elmeth.

Front face of Elmeth and its Mega-Particle Guns.
The Mega-Particle Guns can be tilted upward.
Elmeth's wing-like thingies. You can see half of the inner frame from here.
Opportunities for panel lining! By the way, I'm curious as to how this Mobile Armor moves.. It only has thrusters at its back. Huh.
There's a peg at the back. You can get another G Generation SD kit to hold it for a free piggy-back ride on Elmeth. Cool!
Oh, right, here's the bottom part of the kit. Lots. Of. Nub marks. *Sigh* I need more practice.
I didn't use the seals because I'm planning on painting my model kits in the future. I'll be sure to post pictures when I do that, of course.

Final thoughts...

I guess there's really nothing extraordinary about this kit and, in my opinion, most people won't be interested in purchasing this unless they're Gunpla collectors.

But the overall quality of the Model Kit is solid. The assembly of the kit is really fast since the kit only has a few parts to connect and all the parts are quite huge, so they're all easy to handle and good for beginners.

Also, it would've been good to have included at least a second 'Bit' weapon.. I mean, that's Elmeth's main weapon. I guess that's my only complaint about the Model Kit.

It's this big! Looks cute from this point of view.

More Gunpla Reviews coming soon! See you in the next post!

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