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Anime Overview: Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

Now, let's take a look at another Gundam Anime, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam. This series is full with action-packed fight scenes. It is also heavily criticized by Gundam fans. Now, just like before, I'm not here to tell you if this Anime is good or not. I would just like to give an overview of the Anime to those who are not familiar to it. And so, head on past the break to check the full overview post of "Mobile Fighter G-Gundam", a fresh take on the Gundam franchise.

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam and its logo (pictured above) are all trademarks and owned by Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu Agency & other associated parties.

Aside from being set in an alternate universe, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam is totally different from it's predecessors. By the way, this is actually the first Gundam series set in an alternate universe, created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Gundam franchise.

G Gundam looks like your typical Shounen Anime or Manga... with Gundams. You have your typical Shonen main character, which is a Gundam pilot in a fighting/martial arts tournament with fighters from all around the world... with Gundams. Seems familiar? Yeah, It's just like Street Fighter's tournament with the "World Warriors"... with Gundams.

Crap, Domon's angry. "Shining Finger!" Yeah. Shining Finger. It's called "Shining Finger". You'll get used to it.
Going a little in-depth with the plot, the story is about Gundam Fighters from around the world, each representing their own country to compete in the "Gundam Fight", a tournament held once every 4 years to decide which nation will govern all other nations. In this alternate universe, almost all nations moved to live in Outer Space, calling their respective countries with "Neo" prefixes. The tournament is organized by the United Colonies Federation and the "Gundam Fight" is held on Earth, since it is mostly deserted. Of course, the story focuses on the Gundam Fighter of "Neo-Japan", Domon Kasshu. However, Domon also has his own mission aside from participating in the Gundam FIght Tournament, as he is also out to search for his long lost brother.

A dark figure approaches... No, it's too big to be Bass from Mega Man.
This is the second Gundam series that I've watched and, for me, who was exposed to the Gundam world through Gundam Wing, this series is decent. Not that good. Not that bad. It's so-so. It just looks like your typical Shounen Anime or Manga and since I haven't watched other Gundam Anime set in the Universal Century timeline yet, I don't really have anything else to compare it to except Gundam Wing. It's somewhat a good combination for me as well. I'm like "Hey! I like Street FIghter! (because I like Video Games, and Street Fighter is a good game) And hey! I like Gundams! (because I like Gundam Wing) So this should be good.". I didn't like it as much as Gundam Wing. But I didn't hated it. It was a different take from the Gundam Wing and I like to see new ideas for the Gundam series. I actually think that Gundam is one of those series that works well with spin-offs, since more spin-offs equal more great Gundam mecha designs, and more awesome Gunpla.

Obviously, other people didn't like this take on the Gundam franchise. Most of them, I think, are hard-core Gundam fans. I can kinda understand them, since I dislike change most of the time because I'm too lazy to adjust to it. Lazy Jyuzou.. And, like I said, this Gundam series was totally different from all the Gundam series before it. Most of the Universal Century timeline Gundams (if not all) has a deep storyline usually about justice, politics, very realistic robots and a closer look at people's emotions clashing amidst war. These were traits that made the original Gundam series insanely popular (well, at first. ...but we'll discuss that in another time), seperating it from the "Super Robot" Anime genre and creating an entirely new robot genre of its own. So, obviously, most Gundam fans were alienated from the series that they knew and loved. To be honest, I would've felt the same thing if was able to watch Mobile Suit Gundam first and loved it.

GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam
Pilot: Domon Kasshu
GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter
Pilot: Chibodee Crocket
GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam
Pilot: Sai Saici
GF13-009NF Gundam Rose
Pilot: George de Sand
GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam
Pilot: Argo Gulskii
GF13-001NH Kowloon Gundam & Master Asia, Domon's Master
Rain Mikamura, Domon's Partner & "The Referee". For some reason, I want to include him here.
Having said that, G Gundam's plot is mostly shallow and is similar to the "Super Robot" genre. That's understandable since, I think, it is targeted mostly at kids, who doesn't really care about deep storylines or complicated plot twists. Most kids will just drool at the Gundams and the fight sequences because that's all they care about. Then, eventually, they'll nag their parents to buy the model kits and G Gundam has tons of great mecha designs, which I really liked about the series and, in my opinion, where the series really shines best. However, this is also what makes it the opposite of that. You will eventually realize this as you see some of the ridiculously, ridiculously, RIDICULOUSLY crap mecha designs based on racial stereotypes. Let me just show you a couple of pictures here:

Known as the "Tequila Gundam" in Japan, then renamed to the less offensive "Spike Gundam". The mecha design doesn't help, though. The Gundam Fighter's name is "Chico". Go figure.
The "Matador Gundam" in Japan (pictured to the left) and was renamed to "Toro Gundam" and the "Mermaid Gundam", the most ridiculous Gundam I've ever seen!
Can you guess which nations these Gundams represent? Fortunately, The 5 main Gundam Fighters have great mecha designs (Or decent. Or at least tolerable. Yes, I'm looking at you, Maxter Gundam. Gundam Rose is kinda decent to me... And Dragon Gundam is a freakin' dragon! Who wouldn't want to have a Dragon as a Gundam?) and, unsuprisingly, Neo-Japan has the most generic-looking Gundam. And here I thought that Japan's Gundam should've been at least the "Samurai Gundam". Oh, well. It's not like it's something new. I mean, just look at Beyblade.

It also has, in my opinion, one of the most intuitive interface in the Gundam series called the "Mobile Trace" system. I mean, you use your body to move the Gundam! There must be a Kinect attached in there somewhere. Hah! Wait, that doesn't sound right. I don't like games that forces me to excercise! Also, you get to see the Gundam Fighter change into his suit. "Sailor Moon-Style".

And, of course, AHEM. Yeah, Rain too. Hmmm...

AHEM. Ok. Moving on. Let's move on. Moving straight on. AHEM.

It's intuitive, in my opinion... But, some of the robots from the Super Robot Anime have already incorporated this with their mecha. So, it's not something new.

Are you ready for the 13th Gundam Fight?
So yeah. I know it's more complicated than how it sounds, but it's basically Street Fighter with Gundams. Still cool. Go watch. 

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam (機動武闘伝Gガンダム)
No. of Episodes: 49
Opening Theme:
"FLYING IN THE SKY" by 鵜島 仁文 (Hitofumi Ushima)
"Trust You Forever" by 鵜島 仁文 (Hitofumi Ushima)

Ending Theme:
"海よりも深く" (Umi Yori Mo Fukaku) by 彩 恵津子 (Etsuko Sai)
"君の中の永遠" (Kimi No Naka No Eien) by 井上 武英 (Takehide Inoue)

"Gundam Fight. Ready... GO!" ...and I'll see you in the next post!

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