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G Generation-F Super Deformed No.227: RX-178 + FXA-05D Super Gundam

It's a Gundam. And it's Super. Hah!
Welcome, May 2013! Another month for random Gundam-related stuff and, hopefully, more Gunpla Reviews. And to start this month off, I present to you another Super Deformed Gunpla Review from the G Generation line of kits. (But I was really planning on putting this off for tomorrow.)

Today, we're going to take a look at "SD Super Gundam"! Jump past the break to check the full details.

I. Unboxing

A. Box

Front View
Let's start off by checking the box, as usual. Here's the front cover where the boxart is printed. The left side shows you the name of the unit. You'll also notice that the Model No. is not indicated on the box like it usually does. That's because this is basically just a combination of 2 units, to those who are not familiar with this. (We'll get to that in a moment, but for now let's continue to check the box.) The G Generation-F logo is located at the bottom of SD Super Gundam's boxart.

This kit was made in the year 2001. Very old kit, I know.
Checking the lower left part of the box tells you the year when this kit was made. 2001 sounds about right since that's about the same time the G Generation-F game was released. This kit is more than 10 years old!

Top Cover
More information about Super Gundam and its specifications and weapons.
More Japanese texts. And some warnings. I can't read it...
The top cover of the box gives you more information about Super Gundam itself, although it's in Japanese and I can't read it. That information is located at left side of the top cover and looking over to its side, it'll give you more specific information about SD Super Gundam's specifications and weapons. (Or weapon.) To the very right side, there are more Japanese texts. From there, we can see that this kit was initially priced at ¥800.

Top Cover
Sample pictures of SD Super Gundam's front view, rear view, and the "cockpit capsule".
The G-Defenser. We'll talk about the picture to the very right later.
Now, for the bottom cover of the box. Sample pictures of a painted kit is printed here so you'll have a better idea of what the kit will look like. I forgot to mention that the size of the box is similar to the previous box of the Gunpla that I've reviewed and is almost as big as an average High Grade kit's box.

Right Side Cover
Left Side Cover with shop's price tag.
The side covers are similar to each other. The shop where I purchased this from attached their price tag on the left side. ₱480. That sounds just about right, since most SD kits are priced at ₱500 and below. I just find it strange since my SD Gundam Physalis was also pricedat ¥800, but the same hobby store I bought it from was selling it for only ₱450. Anyway...

The bottom half of the box, where the contents are stored, is just plain cardboard. Time to open the box and see what's inside!

B. Contents

Time to open the plastic bags.
The runners and the seals are stored inside 2 plastic bags. There's also the Construction Manual beneath the plastic bags. Let's check the runners first. Time to open the plastic bags.

Runner A1: 16 Parts
Runner A2: 20 Parts
Runner C: 11 Parts
Runner D: 13 Parts
4 runners available, 60 parts in total but that doesn't include the polycap runner.

Runner PC-123: 27 Parts
There will 27 parts in total once you include Runner PC-123, but take note that not all of the parts in from this runner will be used.

Also, here are the seals. Big seals for the G-Defenser. Now, let's look at the Construction Manual. After that, we'll go straight to assembly!

Construction Manual Front Cover
Construction Manual Back Cover
Construction Manual Painting Guide
Construction Manual "Documentary Photograph"
Construction Manual Runner Count & Page 1
Construction Manual Page 2 & 3
Construction Manual Page 4

II. Assembly

Parts are separated using the side cutters. Lots of nub marks... *Sigh*
Prepare the runners, separate the parts, then connect them all together. Like I said, to those who are not familiar with this Gundam, SD Super Gundam is just a combination of 2 units. So, basically, we're going to assemble 2 units: RX-178 Gundam Mk-II and FXA-05D G-Defenser.

Let's start with the main unit, SD Gundam Mk-II. Here's the head.
Here's the hip part/skirt armor...
Shoulder pads...
The arms...
The torso has a lot of parts.
Connect these parts to the frame...
Very detailed torso.
The feet looks fine...
The last part are the thrusters.
Next, the G-Defenser. Here are the "Pontoons". I think they're some sort of missile launcher?
And the main body of the G-Defenser. We just need to add a few more parts...
...and here you go. The G-Defenser's wings.
Of course, there's also the G-Defenser's cockpit.
The remaining parts from Runner PC-123.
SUPER PIKACHU GUNDAM!! ...sorry, I can't help myself.
Now that all of the pieces are connected, let's get on with the actual review.

III. Review

A. Basic Profile

Here are some basic pictures of the 2 units before we move forward to articulation and features. The 2 units that make up SD Super Gundam are: SD Gundam Mk-II as the main unit and a Mobile Armor, G-Defenser, as a sort of booster for the Mobile Suit.

First, pictures of the main unit: RX-178 SD Gundam Mk-II.

SD Gundam Mk-II Front View
SD Gundam Mk-II Rear View
SD Gundam Mk-II Side View
SD Gundam Mk-II Height Measurement
Next, pictures of the Mobile Armor: FXD-05D G-Defenser.

SD G-Defenser Front View
SD G-Defenser Rear View
SD G-Defenser Side View
That's it for the separate units. (I forgot to take a picture of the G-Defenser's Height Measurements.. Hmm..) Now, SD Super Gundam is just one of these 2 unit's combination variants. First, we'll check the other variant, the "G-Flighyer". (Yes, it's spelled that way. When I first read its name in Katakana on the box/construction manual, I thought it was spelled as "G-Flyer". Anyway...)

SD G-Flighyer Front View
SD G-Flighyer Rear View
SD G-Flighyer Side View
SD G-Flighyer Height Measurement
Now that that's done, finally, it's time for the SD Super Gundam!

SD Super Gundam Front View
SD Super Gundam Rear View
SD Super Gundam Side View
SD Super Gundam Height Measurement
SD Super Gundam is just dying to make a few "dynamic" poses. Here you go.

Super Gundam mad! *Sigh* That was lame...
The target is you. It's already locked on. I also noticed that I forgot to remove the Cockpit Capsule... Darn.

B. Articulation, Detail and Gimmicks

Now, let's take a closer look at the separate units' features. As usual, pictures speak louder than words, although they don't speak. Hah! Enough corny jokes, let's do this.

First, RX-178 SD Gundam Mk-II:

Closer look at Gundam Mk-II.
The head can be tilted this far upwards.
...and this far downward.
The head can be rotated almost at 360°, but the chin hits the backpack.
Now, for the arms. Great articulation here.
Shoulder pads are connected via pegs and can rotate 360°.
The arms are connected to the shoulder pads and can go outward this far.
...and this far when spread this way.
There's articulation in the elbows as well. You can rotate the arms from the elbow 360°.
360°. From the elbow. 360°. Spin that around...
You can also fold the arms from the elbows.
Folds up to this far.
The wrist can rotate as well. 360°.
Closer look at the torse here.
Suprisingly, there's a cockpit hatch gimmick here. Wow.
The torso is connected via a peg and can rotate.
But only this far due to the skirt armor. But if you lift the torso a bit, I guess you can rotate it 360°.
Let's look at the feet. It can go this far out (using the right foot as reference) and this far inward (using the left foot as reference) but in this position, it wil tilt in an awkward position.
Most of the SD kits that I've seen has hollow feet. It's good to see that they put some effort here. (But that's most likely because of the G-Flighyer transformation.)
Here are the thrusters. It's on a ball joint, so you can wiggle and rotate it. (The things that are attached to the backpack, that is. Those are thrusters as well.)
Shift it to the left...
Pull it towards you...
Push it forward...
...and rotate it. 360°.
Now, counter-clockwise.
The G-Defenser is connected to the backpack via a peg. Notice that small piece of plastic at the middle...
Pull that out to reveal the hole where you'd insert the peg from the SD G-Defenser.
Next, FXD-05D SD G-Defenser:

The G-Defenser, without the Long Rifle and the "Cockpit Capsule".
Here's the Cockpit Capsule.
Attaches via a peg. It can rotate 360°. But I don't think the G-Defenser does that in the Anime.
Here's a view of the bottom part. There are lots of nub marks...
From the "Pontoon", you can tilt the Pontoon itself upwards and downards.
...this far up from that point.
Articulation from the middle joint, between the joint in the Pontoon and the joint on the G-Defenser itself. From this point...
...tilt it some more...
...up to this point. Well, you can tilt it some more, actually.
It can also rotate from that point as well.
While the joint on the G-Defenser itself can only tilt up and down at 90°.
There are also fins for the "Cockpit Capsule" so you can display it as some sort of Core Fighter since you have to remove it to make the SD Super Gundam transformation.

C. Accessories

Or just 'accessory'. SD Super Gundam only has one accessory/weapon and that's the G-Defenser's Long Rifle because SD Gundam Mk-II doesn't come with its basic armaments.

The Long Rifle. The only weapon/accessory available in this kit.

IV. Final Thoughts

Again, this is a great Super Deformed kit. Buying this is like literally buying 2 SD kits. Good quality, Superb articulation, and lots of  transformation gimmicks. It's a shame that the SD Gundam Mk-II doesn't come with any of its basic armaments, but that's ok since this is supposed to be all about the SD Super Gundam. However, it only has 1 accessory and I'm quite disappointed that the Long Rifle is hollow on one side. It was also quite difficult to get the SD Gundam Mk-II to hold the Long Rifle. The peg was too small for its hand, for some reason. But that can easily be remedied by a piece of small paper.

For just ₱480, this is a good deal. This is a great kit and I'm looking forward to purchasing with the same quality from the G Generation line, if there are still some available. I think they're pretty rare now.

Coolest pose that I can do. (Yeah, I forgot to remove the Cockpit Capsule.)

Thanks for reading my Gunpla Review! Hopefully, there should be more Gunpla-Related posts this month, so stay tuned! And I'll see you in the next post!

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