Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Regretting that I've missed Toy Kingdom's Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013...

Last weekend, I was supposed to go to the SM North Edsa Mall here in the Philippines for Toy Kingdom's Gundam Exhibit and Model Kit Contest but wasn't able to because of a conflict in schedule.. The reason is because my family and I went to Tagaytay City again last weekend (and I can't really say no since it's my family). I couldn't even make it to the awarding ceremony because we were in Tagaytay the entire weekend which is a bummer. Annoying..

No pictures, no videos, no nothing... I can't report anything. Crap!

Screenshot of "Gundam No Ou", a blog that has great coverage of Toy Kingdom's Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013. I hope he/she doesn't mind me posting a screenshot of his blog here..
On a positive note, other bloggers are able to take pictures of the event and upload pictures to their blogs for everyone to see! (And for everyone who missed the event!) ...On a negative note, it also showed me how freakin' awesome the event was that I'm regretting to not have gone there even more... Waaaaahhh!!

Anyway, enough sulking. Here are a few blog posts that I searched that have a great amount of coverage of Toy Kingdom's Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013..

From the "Gundam No Ou" Blog: 
Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013! Final day Coverage and The Winners!
Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013!

...and from

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013 (Philippines): Photoreport Part Two. No.25 Wallpaper Size Images
Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013 [Philippines]: Photoreport No.18 Wallpaper Size Images
GENOACE FORCE @ Gundam Model Kit Contest 2013 [Philippines] Photoreport No.8 Wallpaper Size Images, Info

To Gundam No Ou and, thank you for sharing your pictures of this awesome event!

(Also, The Gundam No Ou Blog is relatively new. It has a very wide coverage of the event. Nicely done! I'll look forward to your future posts, Gundam No Ou!)

Thanks for reading. (I hope I don't miss the next Gundam event. I need to set my schedule straight next time..) See you in the next post!


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    1. Sure! Your Blog is very informative!
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