Friday, May 31, 2013

Going Places - People's Park in the Sky (Tagaytay)

Lots of tourists here at the "People's Park in the Sky". They'll be in for a very disappointing experience, and so was I. *sigh*
One of the famous tourist spots here at Tagaytay City is the "People's Park in the Sky". It was originally named "Palace in the Sky", I discovered after doing a little researched on the web. (I was initially calling it "Palace in the Sky" and I thought that I was wrong when I saw its Hollywood-like sign.) Since it was raining on the day we arrived in Tagaytay, we were only able to go around places the next day. This is our final destination before heading home.

If you're a tourist looking for beautiful places in the Philippines to visit, then look further! Yes, you read that right, LOOK ELSEWHERE. Because this is definitely not the place you're looking for.

Still not convinced? Fine. Let my post enlighten you.

Can't be bothered to trim the grass and clean the place a little bit, huh?
You can ride a jeepney, so you won't be exhausted. But I think the walk is half the experience, so let's walk!
We started walking... Let's have one last look at all those tourists outside. Dozens of buses by the gate. The jeepneys get full in no time.
After getting past the Entrance, I thought to myself "Crap, I think we should've gotten in the jeepney.".
First off, just by checking the Entrance of the "Palace in the Sky"... Oh, sorry. "People's Park in the Sky. can see that it is not well-maintained. There's trash everywhere and the place doesn't look to good. In fact, the place doesn't look good at all! There's a ₱30 entrance fee. Ok, not bad, it's cheap... And you'll see why in a minute.

Midway, I see something... A checkpoint! ...of some sort for anyone out-of-shape enough to walk a few blocks.
...but, hey, the view's awesome.
We're halfway done. (Althought, at that time, I thought we need to walk farther.
Hey, look. It's a "People's Park in the Sky" with an uncanny similarities to the Hollywood sign abroad. You know.. Except for the missing letters. But, hey, I think it's been like that for a long time. For all we know, it really might be called "Peoplesk n the Sky". Yeah. That's probably it.
Oh, I could see the "Palace". It's not that far, after all.
Super sharp turn. Just like in Baguio.
Almost there...
How was it? We're not even there yet, but we're already beginning to see the horrors lying ahead. Let's move forward...

Here's the front of the "park". There are some teenagers picture-taking by the rocks over there.
What's this thing over here? Hmmm... Like a plaque or something.
Here's the "palace" from its left side.
Still not impressed at this point. But, really, we haven't really seen anything yet. Shall we go up the staircase, then?
There's an altar for the Virgin Mary at the top, where everyone offers their prayers.
This is the view from the Palace's front side.
Oh, look. There's another building right next to this one. ...why does it look like that?
Above the altar, there's a rooftop. (That's the altar, right there, under the roof.)
Here's the rest of the rooftop from my side. A little blurry...
A big Jesus statue atop it all.
Here;s the rest of the rooftop from the Jesus statue's side.
I think the "highest point" is on that other building. It looks higher than this one and has a better view of Tagaytay.
...and in the middle of the 2 buildings, there's a park. That barely looks like a park. It looks more like an abandoned school.
The People's Park in the Sky is built on the highest point of Tagaytay City. Looking out to the Taal and the rest of Tagaytay City, the view is amazing. However, the place looks abandoned. Nobody cleans and maintains the place to the point that the place looks like a haunted house popular to tourists. There are a lot of tourists on this particular day. I'm certain that they don't get the same amount of tourists or visitors everyday, but I'm sure that they still have a fair amount within a year. So... I wonder where all those generated ₱30 go to.

Then, we went down the staircase to go to the next building. I took this opportunity to take a picture of the back of the People's Park sign. Not sure why...
Hey, what's that?
Ah, so that explains all the satellite thingamjig on top of that other building. I didn't know that there was some sort of PAGASA station here.
Here's the other building. Climbing the filthy staircase...
Look. At this. It's qute obvious that nobody cares. Nobody.
I went to the opposite side so I can see the other building. Look, there's the Jesus Statue.
Down the balcony, there's the park.
Look past the park, there's the rest of Tagaytay.
Another look at the Main Building. Still not impressed...
So, all of these are from PAGASA, huh?
Searching the internet for information about this place, I stumbled upon a few personal reviews about this place. Most of them are negative, which is to be expected. I even read one review where a mother and her baby was hit by falling debris from the deteriorating ceiling. Wow. Just.. wow.

There's a staircase to the park and the stores downstairs. There's another mime here, waiting for curious tourists. It's amazing that he can endure staying there for long periods. Where he's standing, I think, is one of the most disgusting places in People's Park.
Some of the stores. Most are just selling a bunch of Tagaytay souvenirs. Take your pick.
There's the "park" area, facing the stores.
Another view of the "park". Still not impressed. (At this point, I just got tired of taking more pictures. There's nothing else interesting to see, I think.)
I hope that someone from People's Park reads this. Please, fix this place. I know a lot of tourists want to visit this place and Tagaytay City is (I think) considered as a famous tourist spot here in the Philippines. If I were a tourist (and most of them has likely spent a lot of money to visit Philippines, also spending time and effort to make it happen), I will surely have a negative experience of our trip after visiting this place. A great place managed by the wrong people...

Last take at the Jesus statue. (Blurry...)

In conclusion, I don't think I'll be visiting the People's Park in the Sky anytime soon. My message to the tourists...go to Boracay or something. See you in the next post!


  1. Hello, I'll be visiting Manila next week, and I would like to know where else can I go for a short 4 days trip. I thought of visiting Tagatay, but upon reading your blog entry, I sort of lost my interest to go there...

    1. Hi meiyi! Thanks for your comment.

      Well, if you're visiting the Philippines for just 4 days, I wouldn't recommend going to Tagaytay. 10-15 years ago, I would. But now... there really isn't much going on in Tagaytay anymore. Aside from the places in Tagaytay that I've posted here in my blog, the only other areas that are "interesting" to visit are "Picnic Grove", which is sort of a park, and the place where people zip line (forgot the name of the place.. Sorry about that..).

      If your main destination is Manila, you should probably stay and look around Manila. There are already a lot of tourist spots in Manila compared to Tagaytay. Plus, I think it's not practical since you only have 4 days. However, if you really want to go somewhere else aside from Manila, there are a lot of alternatives. If you like amusement parks, you can try "Enchanted Kingdom" in Sta. Rosa. Filipinos also often visit the hot springs in Pansol in Calamba City.

      Hope that helps! (Sorry for the late reply..)

  2. Thanks for the review. This is very helpful!

    1. No problemo!
      I'm glad that you found this useful. :)

  3. I've visited the place (4 or 5 years ago). I didn't know it's this bad NOW.

    Anyway, if you're a tourist (balikbayan or foreigner) then yes, this place is NOT THE PLACE TO GO. But then if you're someone near the place (living somewhere in Cavite or Batangas or Laguna) then you might enjoy the place.

    I love it there. Because of the long walk (well.. not really long), the fresh air (which CAN'T be inhaled in MANILA) and the view.

    Anyway, I appreciate your review. It's very informative. ^-^

    1. I would like this post to serve as a warning to other tourists who'd like to visit this place.. But, to some extent, my post is actually aimed at the people managing the place.

      It was very disappointing to see that A LOT of people visit this place everyday (there were probably ten shuttle buses present when we visited the place, and we visited Tagatay TWICE back then) and I just don't know where all those entrance fee is going to.

      My mother's friend told her that the entrance fee right now was increased to 50 pesos. I hope that improvements were made due to the increase. (Heck, they should at least clean the area!)

      Also, I think this place has been in this condition for several years now.. Before posting my review, I searched for other personal reviews of People's Park in the Sky on the internet. Some of these reviews were posted several years ago, and most of them are negative. (I even saw a review where they mentioned that there was an incident where people got hit by some falling debris, I think I've included that in my post). Visiting, there was also a bombardment of negative feedbacks from other poeple disappointed with the facilities.. And if you're someone who lives near the place, you'd probably be the most disappointed among the rest of us since you've probably seen this park back in its former glory.

      Maybe it's the people managing the place. Maybe it's also the undisciplined visitors who loves to dump trash everywhere. Maybe there're just to many visitors that the management can't handle it (yet those still doesn't explain the condition of the place). I don't know. But a lot of tourists are visiting People's Park in the Sky, and it's giving Tagatay (and the Philippines) some bad rep.

    2. (...Sorry, I got so caught up with that that I forgot...)

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad that you found this review to be informative. :)

  4. For me the place is good (well, if you're a fan of some Post apocalyptic events like nuclear apocalypse)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Derp Hax!

      (Hey, yeah, I never thought of it that way. This would be a very good spot for people who are into photography!)

  5. We visited this place last February and we didn't its look. It is famous as one destination in Tagaytay but not maintained well. But at least, we choose a great Tagaytay hotel, where we spent our cool night.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sandy!

      It's saddening to hear that, after 2 years, there's still no improvement. I hope that your visit to the People's Park in the Sky didn't ruin the rest of the trip for you guys.. Although it's not well maintained, it still has its charm. (But, still, they really should do something about their maintenance crew.)

      Oh, and also, it probably can't match the services of the hotel that you stayed at (I checked your link, and it looks really great!) but you can also check this place out:

      We stayed there when we visited Tagaytay, and it's also pretty neat. :)

  6. Me and my friends were also planning to visit tagaytay this coming weekend, so i do some research on what tagaytay can offer and i saw what they call "peoples park in the sky" and by reading all of those comments it made me bit disapointed.

    Sandy visited that place febuary this year and you said aftr 2yrs still dont have any progress so! I think we"ll just find somewhere else to visit!

    Thanks for the info! Man

  7. Me and my friends were also planning to visit tagaytay this coming weekend, so i do some research on what tagaytay can offer and i saw what they call "peoples park in the sky" and by reading all of those comments it made me bit disapointed.

    Sandy visited that place febuary this year and you said aftr 2yrs still dont have any progress so! I think we"ll just find somewhere else to visit!

    Thanks for the info! Man

    1. No problem, Jhem!

      Hopefully, the next time I visit Tagaytay, Palace in the Sky has improved, so I can have a new review to encourage people to visit it. :)

  8. we went there last weekend.... march 12 2017...wala pa rin improvement....wake up...department of tourism ...