Friday, May 17, 2013

Already Damaged...

Ah, stupidity... I have plenty. Unfortunately.

While we were in tbe middle of getting the floor of my room repaired last weekend, I had to remove stuff from my room and place them temporarily in the living room. Of course, I had to move my Gunplas as well and guess what, I dropped one of them.

The shield's handle snapped off, and it's only been 2 weeks... Annoying.

You don't know how frustrated I was when I dropped SD Gundam Physalis. I mean, I just assembled and reviewed it last April 29 and, already, I've damaged the Gunpla. After SD Gundam Physalis hit my room's cold and rough concrete floor, I knew that it would be crushed.

There are scratches everywhere around the kit (Well, almost, I mey be overreacting). The shoulder thrusters, the torso... And what's worse, the shield's handle snapped off. Crap, I'm actually getting frustrated again as I type this and every time I remember it. Why?!

One of the Shoulder Thrusters received big and deep scratches... I hope sandpaper can fix this.
The plastic above the cockpit also has big and deep scratches. *sigh*
Of course, that's not the only thing I dropped last weekend. I also broke my "Best of Soul" BoA album. It was pretty rare for Korean and Japanese albums to be sold here in our country. But what makes me more frustrated is because that music album was given to me as a gift by a special person.. Meaning, that it has sentimental value. Good thing the only thing that I damaged was just the CD case, but still. The CD case has sentimental value. Argh, every time I remember them, it just makes me so angry!!

My "Best of Soul" BoA album was dropped as well... Why?!
Fortunately, only the CD case got damaged. Here's the original CD case. I bought a blank CD and swapped the CD cases with Best of Soul.
And of all the CDs that I could've dropped at that time, why the Japanese ones?! Yes, I dropped 2 other BoA albums. Really annoying. Fortunately, the 2 other BoA albums were fine. But the lyrics sheet/pamphlet still got marked due to the drop's impact. *groans* I know I'm just overacting here, but I just love my stuff that much.

I dropped 2 more albums. They're also BoA albums.
Fortunately, the CD case and the CD are OK. But, there's a small damage to both CD's lyrics sheet/pamphlet because of the impact of the drop. I guess I'm just overreacting.. But it's still ANNOYING.
Anyway, time to move one.. Very. Annoying. Try. To. Forget.

Sorry for ranting like that. I'll see you guys in the next post...

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