Monday, May 6, 2013

Going Places: The Pictures of My Travels

Where are we going? No, that's not a Dora the Exlorer reference.
From time to time, my family and I (or sometimes with my friends) go to places to relax, unwind, or just to get a quick change of pace. I'm sure almost all of you do, too.  Although we only do it very rarely since it takes time to plan, money to spend, and free time, and we only have a few days off in a year. On our day-offs, if ever we decide to go somewhere, it's usually just a trip to the mall. Mom does her usual grocery shopping, Dad checks if there are new interesting musical instruments or equipments, and my sister just usually accompanies my Mom... Me? I go to my favorite area in the mall, the electronics area and the toys section in the department store, and check if there's something new. Maybe there's a new gadget, an interesting toy/action figure, what Gundam kits are for sale... And if ever we decide to do something else, we just usually go to a swimming pool/hot springs.

But there are rare occasions where we would go somewhere interesting. Sometimes, we'd go on a road trip. Sometimes, we'd go to a famous tourist spot. My family would go around, enjoying and immersing themselves in the new experience. As for me, I just take pictures of the stuff that I think are interesting... Well, I just take all the pictures that I can, really. (But I don't usually include myself in the picture. For some reason, I don't want my face to ruin the awesome view. Huh.)

"What are you blabbering about, Jyuzou?" Well, it's about my next posts. We went to Tagatay CIty here in the Philippines just yesterday.... While I was taking some pictures of the places that we checked out, I thought "Hey, I could post this on my blog for everyone to see! Other bloggers are doing it, why shouldn't I? Maybe they'll like it!"

Yeah, I know. I know. I told you guys that I was going to focus on Gundam-related stuff when I started this blog. Well, I also mentioned that I would be posting stuff that I think would be interesting, too, and I will branch-out from posting Gundam stuff, eventually. With that said, I think some people might find these posts of interesting places interesting. (Interesting places interesting... Huh.) I will still be posting Gundam-related stuff, but I, too, would like to share pictures of my travels. Who knows? Maybe some of you guys are planning on visiting Philippines. You might find some of this posts useful.

I'll also be posting pictures of my future travels, of course. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to go to the Otaku Paradise that we call "Japan" and posts the pictures here for everyone to see. Yay! Someday... Hopefully, a day when I'm still not dead.

I will still post Gundam-related stuff regularly. I promise.  *wink wink*

Start the adventure!!

I''ll see in the next post!

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