Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deformed, then Reconstructed...

Oh, sorry, I'm referring to my room.

Whew! That was a long weekend! There was actually an government election held here in our country this Monday, so almost all people had their day-off yesterday as well. But before the elections, our family spent the weekends fixing things in the house. They hired carpenters to fix some of the broken cabinets and other stuff. Also, my room's flooring got fixed as well. Yay! Here's my desk's current look. No drastic changes, mind you, but you can now check my tiny desk in its entirety.

My Desk, back to normal!

Some of you probably noticed that all of my posts here on my blog that include pictures of my desk has it only at certain angles. Just like in some of my very first posts, like in "Preparing Written Reviews" from the month of March (when I first started my blog and that was actually just my third post), the only things that can be seen are one of my computer's speakers, Review Pikachu, the cutting mat where I place the items/Gunplas I review, that Mr. Hobby Topcoat that I never use but had nowhere to put away, and a portion of my laptop. Nothing else. Well, that's because my room was in chaos back then. *sigh* That's why I keep it at that angle, so the readers won't see all the crap around the desk.

I still use the same light stand. The light stand can have up to 3 light bulbs. I'm just using a different light.
Here's the one that I usually use. (I just slap a piece of paper in front of the light source, so it's not as harsh. I removed it temporarily.) Hey, what's that beside Review Pikachu?
Here's another picture of the light stand. Let's remove the cutting mat for a moment and put "her" in the middle...
When I was still just planning on how to start my blog (I think that was around February), the flooring of my room was made out of wood. My parents actually started renovating the house one year ago and they also included my room in their plans, since my floor was just plain concrete one year ago. I've always wanted to have my floor to be made out of wood, for some reason. And I like to sit on the floor of my room. No, that's not because of some Japanese influence or because I'm an Otaku or something. I just like to sit on the floor. Especially when the floor is made out of wood. So I told them that I want wooden floorings.

Yup, it's a Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: HMO Version! It's a little dirty, it's been in my cabinet since my floor got infested with termites, so it's collecting dust for a while.
Come to think of it, my original setup only has Hatsune Miku on display. (I like things simple.) I don't have Pikachu on display before... Wow, look at that dirty keyboard.
The light is pleasant when you're just resting. Gives the room a relaxing atmosphere. But it's a complete headache when you're working on your computer.
My parents actually didn't like the idea, because of termites. But I insisted, and they gave in. After 10 months (that was just 2 months ago, February), the floor DID get infested by termites. Of course, they ranted. "We told you that we should've used granite instead. Look what happened." Then we had to remove the floorings, get rid of the termites, take all of my stuff out of my room... It was horrible. And that is why my room was in chaos when I first started my blog. My things are scattered all over the place. And, yes, I'm still living with my parents. I guess that's just how Asian people are. Quite frankly, I like living with my parents. But that's off topic. Moving on.

I propped this foldable table at the back of my desk before to hide part of my dirty room.
My parents decided to get my room fixed this past weekend. So now, my room looks more comfortable. Ah, and that wooden thing perpendicular to my desk is just another table. It's portable and foldable, and I just propped it up beside the desk to hide my hideously dirty window right behind it. Now, I have my desk opposite my window, at the other wall of my room.

My computer is not that good. Average specs, I think. But, still, I love this desk and all of its contents. Awww!

After 2 months, I can finally sleep properly in my bed. *laughs* See you in the next post!

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