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Dengeki Hobby 2012 Magazine Volume 5 Review

I've mentioned before that I bought a few items from 2 online sources last month. I've already shown you what one of the packages contains (see my Preview: The Remaining 2 Entry Grade Gundam Model Kits post). I think I'll be able to post the review for one of them tomorrow, but for now I would like to post a review of the other package that I received. I bought this from WasabiToys (if you're interested, you can check their website, most of their items are discounted right now) and this is a famous hobby magazine from Japan: the Dengeki Hobby.

2012 Dengeki Hobby Magazine, Volume 5.

I have Volume 5 from last year here. Why did I buy this particular magazine? Surely, it would've been better if I just purchased another Gunpla. This magazine isn't really pointing to the cheap in the cost scale either since this thing costed me ₱1000, and that price is already discounted. I could've bought 1 or 2 High Grade kits if I didn't buy this thing. Well, this copy is actually special.

As you can see from the cover, this magazine focuses on Gundam Kestrel. This magazine actually comes bundled with a 1/144 scale model of Gundam Kestrel. No, I haven't assembled it yet and, yes, I'll post a review of that in the future. But, for now, let's take a look at the contents of this magazine. I won't go in-depth or scan the whole thing, though. We'll just take a sneak peak.

So, let's get started. As usual, I'll just show you guys some pictures.

Ok, let's get star... What. The. Hell? "Akibarenja-"? Looks funky. And Silly.
Woah, I thought it was a real person. Didn't realize that it was an action figure.
I haven't watched Power Rangers in a while. Maybe it's because I think I'm too old for it.. The last one I've watched was Power Rangers: Wild Force. I liked that one, though.
Hmmm.. The next pages gives us more pictures about the Kestrel Gundam Model Kit that comes bundled with this magazine.

MSW-004 Kestrel Gundam from Advance of Z
Kestrel Gundam's Construction Manual is printed inside this magazine. Neat.
If you're advanced enough in Model Kit building, there are also instructions here on how to modify the kit to have better articulation.
The 1/144 Scale Kit doesn't have articulation in its elbows and knees. But, if you're confident enough, there are instructions in the magazine for you to modify your kit.
More instructions for better articulation.
You need additional parts which are not included in this kit. Fortunately, these are available in other kits that can be bought in hobby stores.
Sample pictures show you how the kit should look like if you've done it correctly.
Now, some sample pictures after Gundam Kestrel is painted by a professional.
I don't think I can do that. I need to practice, practice, practice!
More pictures of Gundam Kestrel. There are other kits pictured here that I'm not aware of. Probably from Advance of Z, also.
Here are some pictures of Gundam Kestrel modified.
This is quite an intimidating-looking Gundam, indeed. I wonder where they got those additional thrusters.. Because they are not included in the bundle.
CGI of Gundam Kestrel, and I guess some information about it and Advance of Z.
Here's another picture of a modified Gundam Kestrel.
These add-ons are not included in the kit as well. I wonder where we can get these... It looks really cool.
Front View, Left View, Rear View...
There are other pictures of Gundam Kits in this magazine, as well.

Sample Pictures of MSN-001 Delta Gundam and MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai.
Here's Gundam Delta Kai's front and rear view. I have to say that this is one of the coolest Gundams I've ever seen.
Here's the famous SD Knight Gundam. Looks cool.
Dengeki Hobby also has manga about Gunplas.
That's what's cool about manga. You can usually find manga related to anything that you like. From sports (Slam Dunk, EyeShield 21, Prince of Tennis), informative ones like Bakuman, and, now, even Gunpla building.
A picture of "Beginning D Gundam". I'm not really familiar with this Gundam, but it does look cool.
Pictures of Real Grade Gundam Mk II and some Master Grade kits. I don't know if these kits were already released when this magazine was printed.
Of course, the contents of this magazine is not limited to Gundam Model Kits. Lets' take a look at some pages about other toys.

"Danbooru Senki"? Looks just like Medabots. And that's a good thing, I guess. I like Medabots.
A Transformers figure. Must be expensive. Well, everything in this magazine is expensive.
There are tons of figures like this pictured in this magazine... But I think this should ...suffice. *AHEM*
Oooh, it's a scale model of a tank. Is this from Tamiya?
Some Anime figurines. There's Arlong from One Piece and Kenshin from Samurai X. Oh, and Kakashi.
There's also pictures of works sent by readers. Neat!
I have a lot of magazines before but this, I think, is the first hobby magazine that I've bought. I'm not really sure, I've bought a lot of magazines before... And compared to other magazines that I own (except Shounen Jump) this is a really thick magazine. The quality of the pages are great, and although I can't read most of it (since it's writtten in Japanese) there are a lot of pictures to compensate for that. Plus, since it's written in Japanese, it's a perfect book to practice reading Japanese or discovering new Kanji. Also, considering that it also comes bundled with an actual Gundam Model Kit, I think it's worth buying.

So, If ever you come across this copy (and it still has the bundled kit, since some shops sell old copies without the kit) buy it! You get a magazine AND a Gunpla. Highly recommended.

More Gundam-related posts in the future. See you in the next post!

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