Monday, May 6, 2013

Going Places - Puzzle Mansion: Bed & Breakfast (Tagaytay)

The Puzzle Mansion!
We went to Tagatay City last Saturday, but didn't really planned to visit a specific place there. So, we just drove around the place, looking for interesting stuff to see. Then, we saw a signboard of the Puzzle Mansion, so we decided to check it out.

Once we got there, I just took all the pictures that I can. The Puzzle Mansion is a Bed & Breakfast place, but you can also visit their puzzle exhibit. Apparently, they have the Guinness World Record of largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. The owner of the Puzzle Mansion is one Georgina Gil-Lacuna, and she received the achievement just last year, on November 29, 2012.

Alright, time for some pictures!

The entrance to the Puzzle Mansion has a VERY steep slope! Scary!
There's the Puzzle Mansion! It looks very blue. They should clean the area a little bit.
To the right, just slightly above the Parking Area, there's a big tree and a horse. Don't know what that's doing there, but it looks nice.
Let's move forward! To the Parking Area!
Her's the Puzzle Mansion's view from the Parking Area.
Tilting the camera to the right, there's another building.
Oooh! It's a peculiar-looking jeepney!
It's the "Puzzle Mansion Jeepney"!
Moving forward. Here's the pathway to the other building to the right. Apparently, it goes to the Puzzle Mansion's Lodging Area.
Her's the main building. Let's get closer.
Here's the Puzzle Mansion's Garden. But we'll get to that later.
Beside the Puzzle Mansion Garden, I think those are more lodging areas. It's off-limits, though. Just for customers, I guess. This is actually the second floor.
Now, let's go down to the first floor. The Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit is down here. That's the Puzzle Mansion Garden, to the right. The Parking Area is behind the Lodging Area to the left.
Right behind me, it's the Puzzle Mansion's logo! Nicely done.
Let's turn around again to check the Puzzle Mansion Lodging Area. Looks really nice. And Blue. And look, they have a swimming pool. Neat!
Too bad, they didn't build a shade for it. It's too freakin' hot to swim at this hour! There's a house at the other end of the pool. That maybe the owner's home. Maybe.
Opposite the swimming pool is where the Jigsaw Puzzles are displayed. Let's go right in.
The pathway to the "Puzzle Room". Neat.
Make a wish! I don't have a coin.
At the entrance, they posted websites where you can check more information about the Puzzle Mansion.
You need a ticket to get inside. Here's mine. Is it worth it? Well, it depends. It's worth ₱100.
Now, we're going to enter what I call the "Puzzle Room", where the Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit is held. Oh, by the way, here are the links to those sites:
Alright, let's go inside the Puzzle Room!

Here's the "Puzzle Room", viewed from the entrance. There are a lot of puzzles on display.
Near the entrance, there's a big box of a jigsaw puzzle with 32,000 pieces! I don't have the patience to solve that. Seriously.
Right behind the box, hey, there's the Guinness World Records Certificate! (I asked permission to take a picture of it, of course.)
Right above the big box, 3D jigsaw puzzles. This is the first time I've seen jigsaw puzzles like these. It's interesting, I guess.
There are more of those on the other side of the entrance.
There are other puzzles on display that doesn't look like your typical jigsaw puzzle.
Hey, look, it's the Sydney Opera House. And maps. 3D maps?
This is, by far, the biggest jigsaw puzzle on display. And it's also near the entrance.
Is that a picture of Jesus? I don't know.
Here's a closer look, just to prove that this is indeed a enormous jigsaw puzzle.
There's so many! And, no, I'm not going to take a picture of all the puzzles. I'm just going to take some samples.
Most of the big jigsaw puzzles are attached to the walls. Here's one. It doesn't have a frame.
Here are more puzzles. Most of the puzzles, I noticed, are replicas of famous paintings.
More puzzles of famous paintings. The paintings are getting smaller...
Something that's vaguely intersting to me. A jigsaw puzzle of soda cans.
Most of the puzzles are displayed here on some sort of stands.
More stands with puzzles. The room is quite spacious.
More jigsaw puzzles of old paintings. I don't know, it's just not as interesting to me. I like paintings, but I just don't find this interesting... Maybe some of you guys do find this interesting?
This one, I like. I'd actually like to have one hanged in my bedroom.
Looks like the owner likes Coca Cola.
More proof that the owner likes Coca Cola. Well, most Filipinos like Coke more than Pepsi, I think. But I don't really drink soda that much.
Oh, something new. It's a Japanese painting, this time. I mean, a jigsaw puzzle of an old Japanese painting.
More jigsaw puzzles...
More... I like the painting of that girl to the left. But, I don't know, I'd much rather see the actual painting, instead...
After browsing around the place, I found out that a room full of jigsaw puzzles doesn't sound that exciting to me.
Look, it's Mickey Mouse. I guess I can imagine myself solving this puzzle. But, still, it's too large. And my life is just too short for that.
More puzzle at the other side of the room. Almost done!
Here's another picture of the Puzzle Room, this time from the other side of the room. The entrance is to the left.
They have to use every bit of space that they could. There's just too many puzzles!
These are different. Are these things jigsaw puzzles as well?
Another set of puzzles. Again, they don't look like your typical jigsaw puzzle. Look, that guy to the left is solving a puzzle of his own. I guess you can buy a jigsaw puzzle and solve it in the Puzzle Room.
Let's take a closer look at that palace replica. It doesn't look like a jigsaw puzzle at all.
Other small scale replicas of places from abroad.
Oh, these are vaguely interesting. 3D jigsaw puzzles. I like the wolf puzzle.
More jigsaw puzzles. I like the colors of these ones. But, again, I'd rather see the actual paintings where these are based from.
Another certificate. It's a Certification of Appreciation. I thought it was another copy of the Guinness World Record.
The Puzzle Room's done! Now, let's go up to the second floor to check the "Souvenir Room".

Up the second floor. There's a sort of lobby here for visitors and lodgers to relex, sit and just read magazines.
And, look, this is probably where Ms. Georgina received her Guinness World Record Certificate.
Here's the view of the Lodging Area from the second floor.
Tilt the camera slightly to the right, and there's the Parking Area. (And the Puzzle Mansion Garden.)
But first, let's go inside the "Souvenir Room".
Of course, what did you expect? They're selling puzzles!
But, don't worry, they're also selling more "traditional" Tagaytay souvenirs. Let's start with the right section of the room.
Look. T-Shirts. If you still haven't bought enough "I ♥ Tagaytay City" T-Shirts yet, why not buy Puzzle Mansion T-Shirts as well?
Why not buy some towels? The Puzzle Mansion logo looks nice.
They're also selling normal looking clothes.
But they've also got more Puzzle Mansion T-Shirts on display. "Got puzzles?"
I don't know what these are... But they're on display, too.
And, here are more puzzles in the left section of the room. They're relatively smaller than the ones on display downstairs, thankfully.
In the far corner of the "Souvenir Room", there's a desk. I think it's Ms. Georgina's personal desk. Looks nice. (I want one!)
This desk is too small for her to solve puzzles on.
But we did find out where they solve the puzzles, and it's just outside the Souvenir Room. Look, it's the puzzle from the big box from earlier. There's the reference picture attached to the wall.
I think it's even bigger than the biggest puzzle on display in the Puzzle Room. She's not even half-way done, yet. She was able to solve 12 out of the 32 pictures of the entire puzzle, so far.
To our left, here's the area that's off-limits. There's another big puzzle here on display.
Souvenir Room's done as well! Now, the only area that we haven't checked yet is the Puzzle Mansion's Garden Area.

Here's the Puzzle Mansion Garden from the other side.
The Puzzle Mansion Garden is quite big. There's a lot of flowers on display, as well.
Oh, and most of the flowers on display are for sale, as well.
There's another wishing well at the very corner. It's bigger than the one down the first floor.
Top down view! Looks neat! The view of the Lodging Area is very nice, as well.
You can see the Guinness Stage from the Puzzle Mansion Garden.
The flowers look nice.
More flowers. These look very pretty.
Even more flowers. Let's zoom in on that.
Yellow and Orange flowers! I like Orange. Pretty!
That's about it. It's time to head off. So, if you'd like to see tons of jigsaw puzzles, visit the Puzzle Mansion: Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay City. You can spend the night there, then visit more tourist spots in Tagaytay City the next day. The place is nice and the people are very accommodating. But the Puzzle Mansion is not for everyone, I guess.

Looks like Ms. Georgina still has a lot of backlog.

I'll see you in the next post!


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    1. Thank you very much for your comment!

      I haven't really posted much these days.. Most of my posts are supposed to be about Gundam-related stuff, but I'm still planning on posting pictures of my travels whenever I get the chance to go out again, like in this one. I'm glad that you found my posts useful. :)