Monday, April 1, 2013

Shout out to vegeta8259!

April Fool's Day to everyone!
(Well, we don't really celebrate April Fool's here.. So.. Huh.)

Anyway, this post is not about April Fool's.
Another month is starting, and I'm looking forward to posting more Gunpla stuff! And I'd like to start this month by making a shout out to Henry of YouTube or more popularly known by his username, vegeta8259. I just heard him say his real name in some of his vids.

I enjoy watching all of his Gunpla videos and tutorials in YouTube. His plastic modeling skills are amazing! I wish I could paint as good as him... Thank you for sharing your masterpieces to us! I hope you continue to make more videos to inspire and help other Gunpla enthusiasts worldwide.

Yes, I was inspired by vegeta8259 to make this blog! Go and check his YouTube channel and videos so you can be inspired as well! (But if you like Gunpla, you most likely already know who Henry is.) Here's the link to his YouTube Channel:

vegeta8259's YouTube Channel

You can also check his blog. That's where he posts pictures of his completed works. So, it's sorta like a gallery of Gundam model kits. Neat!

vegeta8259's Blog

You probably know Prime92 as well, if you're watching Gunpla videos on YouTube. I haven't really observed YouTube's Gunpla Community long enough so I don't really know that many YouTubers that are into Gunpla, but I do know that Prime92 is one of the famous (if not the most famous) Gunpla reviewer in YouTube. Here's her channel:

Prime92's YouTube Channel

Here are other YouTubers that I know in the Gunpla community. They also have tons of Gunpla goodness for you to watch. I'll list the few that I know here.

jabman025's YouTube Channel
rrobbert184's YouTube Channel
2Old4Toys' YouTube Channel
hobbylink's YouTube Channel
joshuagundamu's YouTube Channel
00GundamreviewsV2's YouTube Channel 

Go watch! ...then I'll see you guys in the next post!

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