Monday, April 15, 2013

Reminiscing: Old Hamma Hamma Model Kit (Construction Manual)

AMX-103 Hamma Hamma Construction Manual

I found another random stuff while rummaging in my cabinet. It's another Construction Manual. My Hamma Hamma Model Kit's. This kit was actually a birthday gift for me from one of my Dad's friends.

I'm already familiar with Gundam (although not the original Gundam) when I received this back then and I was only able to confirm that this is from a Gundam series when I checked the side of its box where I saw a sample picture of ZZ Gundam. It's a good thing there was a sample picture of a Gundam on the box, because almost all details of the kit were written in Japanese and I'm not really familiar with Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ's logo at the time. I don't even know that the Gundam I saw was called ZZ Gundam. But I know that it was a Gundam.

I don't really like model kits that are not based on a Gundam, and Hamma Hamma is no exemption. When I first took a look at Hamma Hamma's box, I knew that it's very expensive. My Dad's friend was loaded, so he can afford it. I just wish that he could've picked a model kit of a Gundam back then. Also, when I first saw the box, I didn't like Hamma Hamma because, not only was it not a Gundam Model Kit but also, it was obviously an enemy unit. Not that I hate enemy Mobile Suits, but you gotta admit that if you're not familiar with the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Anime, Hamma Hamma looks REALLY weird. Although I kinda learned to love it over time, just like with all the toys that I have. They're all special to me. Awww! Especially with all its gimmicks!

Hamma Hamma Construction Manual Front Page
I only found its Construction Manual. I'm sure that its box is somewhere in my room, although I can't really say the same for the actual model. I don't really know where it is. (I think my Dad has it but I'm not really sure if it still exists.)

Now, why is this piece of paper so special? Well, this was the Construction Manual that gave me an epiphany. Or something. Let me explain.

Hamma Hamma Construction Manual Back Page
Here's the back page of the Construction Manual. If you flip the pages over, we'll see the instructions for building the kit itself. But that's not what we're here for. Let's take a closer look at the back page here...

Hamma Hamma Sample Pictures
Look at that! Even though I didn't like the box art, I really like this picture. "Wow! This looks completely different and it actually looks cool!"

Hamma Hamma's Runners
Then, I checked the runners. "Wait a minute... The parts doesn't look anything like these!"
And, if I recall correctly, all of the parts are molded in green. No other color is present.

Yeah. "Oh."

"So that's why my previous Gundam Wing model kits look like that.. I think you have to paint it, too... Crap."

That was a deal breaker for me. From that point on, I was turned off by Gundam Model Kits. I'm not good at painting and if I have to paint the model kit to make it look decent, all the model kits that I'll buy will most likely end up as a big disappointment. I do remember buying SD Gundam Wing kits after that, though.

Another blog randomness! See you in the next post!

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