Thursday, December 31, 2015

Anime Overview: Gundam Build Fighters Try

In 2014, I became excited again. The sequel to my favorite anime from 2013, Gundam Build Fighters, has just been announced! Although, deep inside, I'm a bit nervous. After watching Gundam Build Fighters, I thought that they've done a good job at closing the anime. I don't really know where the sequel will continue from... As I have encountered sequels in the past which I feel were just made for the sake of continuing a series to milk it more of its dough. *cough* Destiny *COUGH*

In my opinion, though, it did not disappoint. Today, we're going to take a look at Gundam Build Fighters' sequel, "Gundam Build Fighters Try"!

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Ok, so, first, if you haven't watched Gundam Build Fighters yet, do that first. (For my Anime Overview of that anime, click here.)

Done? Good.

So, for the sequel, the story is set 7 years after Sei Iori has won the 7th Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament. A few things have changed here and there, but basically, the story still revolves around the same Gunpla Battling as the original series. Gundams are still very popular in the Gundam Build Fighters Try universe, and Gunpla are still flying off the shelves like Nintendo 64s. Gunpla Fighters still make use of Plavsky particles to make their Gunplas move and battle each other. A new system has been implemented, though, with a new feature for setting the intensity of battle damage during fights. This can minimize the damage taken by a Gunpla during practice battles.

However, in this series, Gunpla Battles are done in groups of three. Hmmmm... One-on-one battles still exists, but the sequel focuses on this new battle format.

With the introduction of 3-vs-3 Gunpla Battles, new strategies and fighting styles are created, resulting in more intense clashes.

...and that's it. There's really nothing much about this new anime aside from the new story that focuses on new characters. I also have to note that this anime has followed a very "Shounen"-like anime formula, even mroe so than the original. (For instance, the main character is a martial artist.. So, yeah, like G Gundam, you've guessed it right.) This does not make the show bad, don't get me wrong. The show's still good, in my opinion. (But I still prefer the original.)

So, I hope to see more Gunpla Battles in the future, and I'll see you on my next post!

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